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Foundation Drilling

Our 2 Foundation Crews are exceptionally knowledgeable in Foundation Drilling, Road Building/Matting, and Site Restoration. The average specifications of the foundations we typically install have a range of 4.5'-8' in diameter and 25'-35' deep.

The maximum capabilities of our Foundation Drilling Operations reach to 11' in diameter and 60' deep. Dig-It Inc. employs team members carrying with them years of experience working for multiple Transmission Owners in any type of environment, from inside substation to mountainside.

Methods that we employ include:
• Direct-Embed
• Cased
• Non-Cased

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Dig-It Inc. employs 6 Underground Utility Crews. Each are capable of Directional Drilling, Hydro-Excavation, and Site Restoration. We are extremely competent in the installation of telecommunications, power, natural gas, water, sewer, and geothermal systems in nearly every type of environment possible.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:
• Installing water services to installing 14” water main.
• Complete fiber builds for the telecommunication industry.
• Installation of gas services to 12” natural gas transmission lines.


In 1994, Dan Swift established Dig-It Inc. in Hastings, Michigan. His goal was to create a company that embodied his values. Values of hard work, quality workmanship, and service while installing an array of products for municipalities, pipeline, utility, and telecommunications companies. Values that had been instilled in him at an early age since beginning work in the telecommunications industry alongside his father in 1974.

Since 1994, Dig-It- Inc. has experienced tremendous growth beginning with 6 employees and 6 pieces of equipment. Growth that has allowed Dig-It Inc. to expand our business to include Directional Drilling, Foundation Drilling, Hydro-Excavation, Road Building, and Site Restoration. Growth that has allowed us to become a leader within the utilities marketplace. We are now approaching 50 employees and over 100 pieces of equipment. At any one time Dig-It Inc. is operating in multiple states, on various projects, for any type of customer.