Dig-It Trucking

DIG-IT INC. is a proud member of the Pipeline Testing Consortium. PTC is one of the leading administrators of DOT drug and alcohol programs in the pipeline industry. Along with pre-employment and random drug screening, every DIG-IT employee is subject to detailed background checks that reveal any potential DOT drug and alcohol violations and safety incidents at previous employers.

Commercial & Residential

DIG-IT offers two sets of Trains capable of hauling 50 (40 yards) & 55 (48 yards) tons respectively. We also have one steel lead for demolition and rubble hauling.

Products Hauled: Aggregates, Demolition, Grain, Screened Topsoil, Screened Sand, Mulch, Recyclables, Millings, and Fill Dirt.

Our Pricing

Fill sand, dirt, clay

$2.50/per yard ($8.50/yard delivered*)
*less than 10 miles

Screened Topsoil

$15/per yard ($21/yard delivered)
*less than 10 miles

15" Landscape Stone

$50/ton (hourly trucking charges)

3' + Landscape Stone

$100/ton (hourly trucking charges)

Minimum Delivery Charge

$80 (less than 14 yards)

Additional Cost

11-20 miles: $2/yard added to delivery charge

Truck Rental: 20-yard lead w/ Driver

$110/per hour

Truck Rental: Doubles (lead & pup) w/ Driver

$140/per hour